What exactly is Notes2conf?
As a smart interface, Notes2conf provides the bridge from HCL Notes to external conference systems (MS Teams, WebEx, Zoom or GoToMeeting) without making changes or adjustments to the Notes client or to the mail templates and without having to install anything on the Domino server. When creating an online meeting, the Notes client sends an unique link, possibly including a PIN in the invitation, to all participants. This link is a central meeting point. The moderator also receives a PIN by email which will be used to set up the online conference in the external conference system.

Did you lose the URL
to join your meeting?

Manage MS Teams Conferences in HCL Notes
Manage Zoom Conferences in HCL Notes
Manage Webex Conferences in HCL Notes
Manage GoToMeeting Conferences in HCL Notes
Manage Lifesize Conferences in HCL Notes
Manage Google Meet Conferences in HCL Notes
* For hosting a meeting, a corresponding license of the provider might be required.
The Problem

The HCL Notes suite solution does not offer a direct interface to modern video conference systems, except for the in-house HCL Sametime solution. However, if you do not use Sametime, you have to create each video conference in the respective conference software such as Microsoft Teams or WebEx and maintain the participant lists. That means double work for the employees.

The Solution

It would be easier if you create a calendar entry in HCL Notes as usual and the participants are automatically invited to the video conference in the respective system. This is now possible with the Notes2conf gateway which increases the productivity of the employees and the efficiency of the IT. Notes2conf currently offers an automated, cloud-based interface to Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Zoom, Go2Meeting and Google Meet. Further video conferencing solutions will follow gradually.

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